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Removal and replacement strategy
Replace parts in the reverse order of their removal. Directions for difficult or critical replacement procedures are included within the serviceguides you can download on the right side.

WARNING! The sheet-metal edges of the device can be sharp. Use caution when working on the device.
NOTE: Note the length, diameter, color, type, and location of each screw. Be sure to return each screw to its original location during reassembly.
Incorrectly routed or loose cables can interfere with other internal components and can become damaged or broken. Frayed or pinched cables can be difficult to locate. When reconnecting the cables, always use the provided wire loops, lance points, or cable guides.

Electrostatic discharge
CAUTION! The device contains parts that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD). Always service the device at an ESD-protected workstation, or use an ESD mat.
Watch for the ESD symbol (shown below) to identify the parts that are sensitive to ESD. Protect these parts by using an ESD wrist strap and by placing ESD-sensitive parts into protective ESD pouches.
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